How do I subscribe on my devices?

The CCPEM podcast episodes are available on all your favorite podcast platforms. You can subscribe using our podcast feed URL. For device-specific instructions, check out the details below!

Apple Devices

Apple devices come with a native Podcasts App installed. You are able to subscribe and keep up to date with our podcast episodes on Apple and you’ll receive notifications when we post a new episode! Click the button below to subscribe on your native Apple Podcasts app! Or, if you are on a computer, you should be able to subscribe in iTunes by clicking the button as well!

Click here to subscribe on your podcast app!

Android Devices

Android devices do not come with a native podcasts app, so you’ll need to install a separate app from the Google Play Store. Once you have your podcast app installed, you should be able to subscribe using our podcast feed url below!

Other devices

If you are trying to subscribe using a different device, you should be able to subscribe using the feed URL below.